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Workout Routine

Eat / Drink 30 minutes prior to workout
Slow to medium carbohydrates.
Warm-up 5 - 10 minutes of light cardio
Warming up prior to stretching reduces the chance of injury from overstretching. Choose an exercise that is cardiovascular and within normal ranges of motion.
Stretch 5 minutes of easy stretching to ensure normal range of motion
For efficiency, check the range of motion of each muscle to be used, and stretch those that seem tight or not at it's normal level of flexibility. Do not increase your normal range of motion.
Weight  Training 30 - 40 minutes (3 day cycle)
The amount of rest is as important as the exercise itself, especially in the strength and power phases.
Cardio 20 - 60 minutes (Zone 1)
If you have time, try to do a full 60 minutes. Check out the Zone 1 page to find out why.
Flexibility Maintenance or improvement
This is when you can increase your flexibility, if necessary. Most major sports injuries occur because of joint instability. One side of a joint being too tight and the other too loose. 
Example: most volleyball player's shoulder muscles are not balanced due to repetition and overuse. The chest gets too tight, while the upper back gets too loose.
Eat / Drink Typically, immediately following cardio.
For best performance mentally and physically, eat immediately. If you are planning on watching tv and want to burn a little more fat, wait an hour.


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